The power must be cut off during installation to ensure safety. Verify that the wiring port is correct before powering up. If it is found that the work is abnormal (self-extinguishing, flashing), the power should be turned off immediately and removed by a professional. . The bottom of the b
Pump selection steps Basic data: 1, the characteristics of the media: media name, specific gravity, viscosity, corrosion, toxicity and so on. 2, contained in the media due to the body particle diameter, content how much. 3, the medium temperature: (℃) 4, the required flow General industrial p
The electrodeless fluorescent lamp system is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, which couples the plasma to the magnetic lines of the circuit, and uses a pair of iron cores placed outside the lamp tube to form an induced current in the lamp tube, unlike the ordinary fluoresce
1. There is no filament or electrode in the bulb, and the service life of the product is over 60,000 hours. 2, high luminous efficiency, high frequency electrodeless lamp 70Lm / W, low frequency electrodeless lamp 75Lm / W. 3, the color rendering index of more than 80, using high-quality thr