33 hardware standard parts industry areas emerged

33 hardware standard parts industry areas emerged With regard to the characteristics of many hardware standard parts and miscellaneous products, in the organizational construction, the China Hardware Standard Parts Products Association has established 10 branches including locks, tools, gas appliances, range hoods, lighters and shower rooms. The affiliated industry associations have become a model for the construction of hardware standard parts industry organizations different from other associations.

In 1996, the hardware standard parts industry accounted for 38% of the GDP of Daxin Town. The Association and the local government departments awarded the title of the national township of hardware standard parts of Daxin Town through guidance and evaluation. Afterwards, the association took advantage of the situation, and took advantage of the situation. Cultivate distinctive industrial areas and promote the development of industrial clusters. Especially in the past 10 years, the industry has evolved from a single company to an industrial cluster, and 33 hardware standard parts have emerged. The association has so far awarded 33 district-specific regional titles. This has shaped the formation of industrial clusters and the extension of industrial chains. The employment of labor force, urban construction, and the promotion of local economic development all have important significance.

In this way, horizontal local industrial clusters and vertical industry associations have formed a criss-cross and mature network organization system for the hardware standard parts industry, forming the basis for driving industry development and realizing industry management and service.

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