Airbus increases aluminum materials by 5%-10% in 2012

Airbus SAS, the world’s largest commercial aircraft manufacturer, expects to increase aircraft material aluminum by 5% to 10% in 2012.

In an interview, company material procurement Elmar Luetjen said: “We are confident in the planning of demand and we have a strong order in the future.”

Airbus has been manufacturing the most commercial aircraft each year since 2003 and has handed over 258 customers in June this year. Aluminum accounts for about 75% of the aircraft's weight, such as the Airbus A330.

1. Introduction

This ADK wax is a very ideal neutral Paper Sizing Agent, it can be used as pulp sizing and surface sizing to make the paper have excellent water resistance. When using this ADK wax, it should be heated to melt, and then mixed with the starch emulsifying agent and protective agent, until the agent emulsify into stable latex

2. Specifications


pale yellow waxy solid & flake & block



Melting point


Acid value (mgKOH/g)

2.0 mgKOH/g

FFA free fatty acid


Iodine value

45- 48.5 giz/100g

Carbon content

C16: 40%     C18: 60%


 3. Alkyl Ketene Dimer Techinical Data 


 4. Application of Alkyl Ketene Dimer 

As a kind of reactive neutral paper sizing agent, mainly used for copper base paper, copy paper, file paper, paper dictionary and quality writing paper paper in sizing. The pH value can reach about 8, which is called basic sizing, which is widely used at home and abroad. This product can also be used as surface sizing agent.


5. packaging

25KG/ bsg or 500kg/ bag 



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