Analysis of classification and application of energy-saving electric light source

Lighting electric light sources are generally divided into three categories: incandescent lamps, gas discharge lamps and Other electric light sources. In green lighting projects, various light sources can be selected according to specific conditions.

First, incandescent lamp (Incandescent lamp)

1. Ordinary incandescent lamp, commonly used incandescent bulb

Features: good color rendering (Ra=100), light on, continuous dimming, simple structure, low price, but short life and low light efficiency.

Uses: living room, living room, lobby, guest rooms, shops, restaurants, walkways, conference rooms, courtyards.

Mode of operation: table lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, bedside lamp, corridor lamp.

2. Tungsten halogen lamp

An inflatable incandescent lamp containing a portion of a halogen element or a halide in a filling gas. With all the characteristics of ordinary lighting incandescent lamps, the luminous efficiency and lifetime are more than double that of ordinary lighting incandescent lamps, and the volume is small.

Uses: conference rooms, exhibition halls, living rooms, commercial lighting, film and television stage, instrumentation, automobiles, airplanes and other special lighting.

Second, the gas discharge lamp (discharge lamp)

1. low pressure (vapor) discharge lamp

(1) Fluorescent lamp

Fluorescent lamps are commonly known as fluorescent lamps.

Features: high luminous efficiency, long life and good light color.

Fluorescent lamps are straight tube type, ring type, compact type, etc., and are widely used energy-saving illumination sources.

Replace the incandescent lamp with a straight tube type fluorescent lamp, saving 70~90% of electricity and 5~10 times longer life;

Upgrade the straight tube type fluorescent lamp, saving 15~50%;

Replace incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps, saving 70~80% of electricity and 5~10 times longer life;

(2) low pressure sodium (vapor) lamp

Features: high luminous efficiency, long life, high luminous flux maintenance, strong fog, but poor color rendering.

Uses: lighting for tunnels, ports, docks, mines, etc.

2. High intensity discharge lamp (HID)

High-intensity gas discharge lamps include fluorescent high-pressure mercury lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and metal halide lamps.

(1) Fluorescent high pressure mercury lamp

Features: long life and relatively low cost.

Uses: road lighting, indoor and outdoor industrial lighting, commercial lighting.

(2) High pressure sodium lamp

Features: long life, high light efficiency and strong fog.

Uses: road lighting, floodlighting, square lighting, industrial lighting, etc.

(3) Metal halide lamp

Features: long life, high light efficiency, good color rendering.

Uses: industrial lighting, urban lighting engineering lighting, commercial lighting, stadium lighting and road lighting.

(4) Ceramic metal halide lamp

Features: Performance is better than general metal halide lamps.

Uses: shopping malls, shop windows, key displays and commercial street lighting.

Third, other electric light sources (others)

1. high frequency electrodeless lamp (electrodeless lamp)

Features: long life (40000~80000 hours), no electrode, instant start and restart, no stroboscopic, good color rendering.

Uses: public buildings, shops, tunnels, pedestrian streets, high pole lights, security and security lighting and other outdoor lighting.

2. Light-emitting diode-LED (light emitting diode)

The LED is an electroluminescent solid semiconductor light source.

Features: high brightness point light source, can radiate various color and white light, 0~100% light output (electronic dimming), long life, impact and vibration resistance, no ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation, low voltage Work under (safe).

Uses: traffic lights, highway demarcation lighting, road guardrail lighting, car taillights, exit and entrance lights, bridge or building outline lighting and decorative lighting.

3. New energy-saving lamps - rare earth energy-saving lamps

Most of the new electric light sources that are popular in the world today are related to rare earths. The most widely used electric light source is a rare earth trichromatic fluorescent lamp. The three primary colors refer to three basic colors of red, green and blue, and after combining colors, white light for illumination can be obtained. The red, green and blue phosphors used in the rare earth trichromatic fluorescent lamps are mainly composed of rare earth elements. Rare earth trichromatic phosphors are the main raw materials used in the production of high-efficiency energy-saving lamps in countries around the world. Compared with ordinary incandescent lamps, the real rare earth trichromatic energy-saving lamps have a power saving rate of up to 80%, and can obtain a color temperature similar to that of sunlight, so that the color of the object to be illuminated is pure and undistorted, and the production process does not pollute the environment. Recognized as the ideal green lighting project today.

At present, the commonly used rare earth trichromatic energy-saving lamps are mainly compact, and are divided into single U, double U, three U, single H, double H and the like according to the shape of the lamp tube, and are also made into a thin tube type. Rare earth trichromatic energy-saving lamps are not only energy efficient, but also have a lifespan 5 to 8 times higher than incandescent lamps. Rare earth trichromatic energy-saving lamps are new types of electric light sources that are strongly promoted and promoted by countries all over the world. In Europe, America and Japan, incandescent lamps have been replaced by rare earth trichromatic fluorescent lamps. There are many manufacturers of three primary color lamps in China, but there are not many regular manufacturers that use rare earth trichromatic toners to produce lamps. Many of them are fake and shoddy products with rare earth trichromatic energy-saving lamps. The ruin of the reputation of rare earth energy-saving lamps. Therefore, the real rare earth trichromatic energy-saving lamp is a new type of electric light source with high efficiency, energy saving, comfort, brightness and longevity.


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