Crystal lamp purchase tips to share with the home to add color

The crystal lamp is very beautiful. Many owners also like to decorate a crystal lamp at home, but how to buy it? If it is not cleaned and maintained during home use, it will become more and more dirty, affecting the appearance, how to maintain it? See this article for an introduction.

Different choices of different families and spaces

When purchasing a crystal lamp, be sure to choose according to the size of the space and the shape of the lamp. Insiders pointed out that according to space requirements, the living room of 20 square meters - 30 square meters should choose a crystal lamp with a diameter of about 1 meter. According to different families, different rooms have different choices: many family rooms are mainly for the use of the living room, so mainly use atmospheric, beautiful ceiling and hanging crystal lamps; some young people or newly married people When decorating the bedroom, you can choose a wall crystal lamp with delicate and warm colors. If you want to install the crystal lamp in the kitchen, you can install a hanging crystal lamp that is both energy-saving and warm.

Pay attention to whether the color is lasting

The life of crystal lamps of different grades is also different. Although the difference between high and low grades is not outstanding, the quality difference between high and low grades is obvious. When consumers buy crystal lamps, they must first look at its colorful effects, and then look at its gold-plated layer. Generally, the high-grade metal parts are mostly electroplated with 24K gold. This kind of gold plating will not change color for several years, nor will it Rusting, low-grade will not achieve this effect, two or three months will lose the original color. After a period of low-grade crystal light, the color will be dark, the bracket will appear rust, and the high-grade will not change color for two or three years or even longer.

Crystal ball is the key

The reason why the crystal lamp can flash is mainly the purity and cutting surface of the crystal ball and the lead content. Therefore, consumers should look at the crystal ball for cracks, bubbles, water ripples and impurities when purchasing. Only crystal clear crystal balls can exert the best optical performance, so that the passing light reflects the magnificent color. On the cutting surface of the crystal ball, it is necessary to see if it is smooth and the edges and corners are clear, so that the crystal ball can achieve the best refraction effect. In terms of lead content, the general high-quality crystal ball will use the whole lead crystal. The lead oxide content is not less than 30%. It is the purest raw material and can emit a sinuous color.

Pendant specifications are particular

Whether the specifications of the pendant of the crystal lamp are uniform is significant. The reason why the crystal lamp can shine brightly and dazzlingly, showing the gorgeous and noble temperament, all relying on a string of pendants. If the layers of the pendants are different in size, it will affect the overall beauty of the crystal lamp. Show. Some of the holes in the imitation crystal chandelier pendants are not standard, or there are sharp edges, wear, and different sizes, which not only affects the appearance, but also is very easy to crack. If the pendant of the crystal chandelier falls from the ceiling, it will be against the family. Security poses a threat.

Crispness and transparency are unambiguous

Crystal lamps on the market generally start at a thousand dollars. The origin and purity of the crystal is the main factor causing the price difference. Crystal is actually a kind of glass. It is a kind of purified product, and the price varies according to the level of lead content. Therefore, when you purchase a crystal lamp, you must carefully identify the crystal with good quality through the crispness and transparency of the crystal.

Keep an eye on the brand logo

The quality and price of different brands of crystal lamps will vary greatly. Some famous brands guarantee the quality, in order to prevent being caught by the fish, the brand logo will be engraved on each crystal surface, as long as you carefully identify it at the time of purchase. In addition, you need to be reminded that some unscrupulous manufacturers still do a good job, some imitation crystal lamps can almost match the appearance of some brand-name lighting, however, it is likely to be "golden jade, ruined", such as Install high-quality lamp beads on the outside of the larger crystal lamp or in a conspicuous place, and shoddy the inside or hidden parts of the lighting. Therefore, when you buy a crystal lamp, you must polish your eyes to pick your heart.

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