Fourteen basic knowledge in the field of abrasives

Abrasive materials are green and renewable energy sources, and they are resource-based daily and industrial products. With the continuous advancement of economy and society, the degree of understanding of products is one of the most important reasons why consumers can't finally buy products suitable for the company.
There are fourteen basic knowledge in the field of professional abrasives and abrasives:
(1) polycrystals: Crystal shapes composed of many small grains that tend to be different;
(2) Particle size number: graded marking of the size and diameter of the abrasive grain in accordance with industry standards;
(3) Abrasives: Abrasive materials are manufactured on the basis of specific features of the product, using a manual method to produce granular materials of the specified size, grinding, polishing and grinding tools used to make the remainder of the removed material;
(4) Natural Abrasives: Abrasives that have been developed directly from natural ore rock and that have been processed through sorting, crushing, delaminating, or other processing;
(5) Single crystals: The crystal atoms are arranged in a regular pattern with a regular shape and anisotropy;
(6) Free abrasive particles; abrasive particles that are directly ground or polished in a free state;
(7) Magnetic substance: A general term for the magnetic properties of magnetically sensitive substances in abrasive grains.
(8) Compression strength: The load value of a single abrasive particle under the effect of static pressure and breaking;
(9) Bulk density: The mass of abrasive particles per unit volume of air in the case of normal accumulation of abrasive particles, in grams per cubic centimeter;
(10) Abrasives: Materials in which the device plays a role in grinding and polishing;
(11) Particle size composition: a combination of graded markings made on the scale of the abrasive grain at a specific nominal particle size;
(12) Particle size: Measurement of size and diameter of abrasive particles;
(13) Artificial Abrasives: Abrasives refined or synthesized by an artificial method;
(14) Impact toughness: impact resistance and crushing performance of abrasives;
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