Hangqi: Hole processing multi-purpose step drill and indexable tool

Introduction: Metal processing online reporters participated in the annual meeting of China's steam turbine industry for two consecutive sessions in 2011 and 2012. Now, the problems presented by various experts will be sorted out. Some of the problems are enterprise cases, after exchanges, and some have been resolved; Some are common problems in the industry, hoping to attract the attention of our tool experts.

Zhao Jianyong, deputy chief engineer of Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd.

Zhao Jianyong, deputy chief engineer of Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. (referred to as Hangzhou Automobile): Hangqi uses step drills and indexable tools in hole machining, and there are not many composite drills. Due to the large number of old equipments of Hangzhou Auto, when using Sandvik Coromant's 880 ladder drilling, the stepping process is adopted. When the high-speed cutting is stopped, the retracting (small) can be used to achieve good chip breaking and Cooling effect. In the aspect of pupils, Iska's sickle is used more. When casting castings, if the size is cast, the cutting will be interrupted during boring, and the efficiency will be reduced. At present, the milling method is adopted, the tool main deflection angle is small, the cutting force is turned to the axial direction, the cutting is stable, and the efficiency is high.

High-speed steel tools are mostly made of domestic brands, such as the use of reamer to process the pin holes of the blade root. In recent years, in cooperation with Hengfeng Tools Co., Ltd., the cone reamer has been successfully developed to replace the imported tool. Originally used more imported taps, in recent years and Sichuan Tianhu Tools Co., Ltd. cooperation, now domestic taps accounted for more than 60%. In addition, the spiral groove is opened on the worn reamer and the effect is no less than that of the new reamer, which can achieve high precision.


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