Reminder: Lighting purchase attention to safety tips

In the quality inspection results of the lighting equipment products, the reporter found that many of the unqualified lamps have turned over the “anti-shock protection” indicator, and some lamps have “rarely disturbed voltage” and other indicators that have rarely been heard. Not qualified. The reporter learned from the experts that the "anti-electric shock protection" failure means that the product has potential safety hazards. When selecting a luminaire, consumers should pay attention to the luminaire identification and various tips.

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Odile, Sanxiong, Aurora boarded the quality black list

Jinghua Times News On March 29th, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce announced the quality inspection results of lighting equipment in the circulation field. The results showed that the main problems involved in the unqualified products were the durability test, disturbance voltage, harmonic current and other items that did not meet the requirements. Relevant standards require that well-known lighting brands such as Odile, Sanxiong and Aurora are exposed to unqualified products.

The reporter learned from the information published by the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce that a total of 14 products were unqualified for this test, involving 9 brands including “Ou Dier” and “Sanxiong·Aurora”. Among them, the “ceiling-type energy-saving fluorescent lamp appliances” produced by Ou Dier in February 2012 and September 2012 were publicized due to unqualified indicators such as “durability, disturbance voltage, harmonic current”. The unqualified product of Sanxiong Aurora is a ceiling lamp of the model "PAK192335" produced on February 27, 2011. The "endurance, disturbance voltage, harmonic current" of the lamp is unqualified. It is understood that "the main reason for the failure of general durability is that the reliability of the installation control device in the lamp is poor, and the abnormal state protection device is lacking in the electronic ballast. Under the abnormal working conditions, the function of the electronic ballast Failure will result in the luminaire not being used continuously or causing safety problems.” The “harassment voltage” may “affect the normal operation of the TV and other electronic devices in use near the luminaire”; “Harmonic current” exceeds the “standard” Regulations may cause overcurrent or overvoltage in the power supply circuit to cause overheating or fire accidents, increase power loss in the power supply circuit, waste energy, make the electronic ballast in the lamp operate abnormally, accelerate insulation aging, and thus shorten Its service life".

According to the reporter, this is also the third time since last year that "Sanxiong Aurora" has been on the list. On February 7, 2012, in the fourth quarter of 2011, the product quality inspection report issued by the Hunan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce showed that a single-ended fluorescent lamp of Sanxiong·Aurora brand was tested as an unqualified energy-saving electric light source product. On July 20, 2012, in the special supervision and spot check of the quality of AC electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps announced by the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Sanxiong·Aurora failed four items due to the protection measures of related parts of a certain type of product. Was exposed.

Anti-electric shock protection is not qualified for safety hazards

Yang Zheng, an electric light source expert who worked at the National Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, told the Jinghua Times reporter that according to the national (mandatory) lighting safety standards, the protection against electric shock refers to the damage of the light source in the luminaire when the luminaire is designed or manufactured. When considering the consumer to open the light fixture to replace the light source (single-ended fluorescent lamp) or the starter (only for the light source using the magnetic ballast in the luminaire, except for the electronic ballast), the live parts cannot be touched (naked Metal wires or terminals, or other metal parts). “It is generally designed through the structure inside the luminaire to achieve safety protection.” The “anti-shock protection” project is related to the safety of users. If the project fails, it means that the general consumer is not a professional. When replacing the light source, there is a possibility of touching the live parts, which may cause personal safety hazards.

Can consumers check this when purchasing lamps? Yang Zheng said that when buying lamps, consumers usually cannot open the lamps for inspection, and only observe the surface of the lamps for conductive parts. If the fluorescent lamp socket pins are energized, you should also check the instruction manual for warning instructions when replacing the light source.

Disturbance voltage, harmonic current interfere with peripheral appliances and voltage

Among the lamps being tested, “harassing voltage and harmonic current” are the unqualified items of most exposed lamps. What do these two indicators mean? Yang Zheng explained that these two indicators are specific requirements of electromagnetic compatibility standards. It stipulates that external harassment (conducted harassment and radiation harassment) of the luminaire shall not exceed the limits of the specified safety limits.

The standard requires that the luminaire need to have a certain anti-interference ability, but it can not produce higher than standard interference to the outside world. “Conductive disturbance” means that the luminaire will interfere with the power grid through the power line during operation, causing clutter in the power grid and affecting some electrical appliances with weak anti-interference ability, but “this is a situation that will occur when there are many standards.” He pointed out that the main cause of malfunction of home appliances is "radiation harassment". When the radio appears to be "squeaky" or when a small snowflake appears on the TV, it may be the radiation effect of the luminaire. But he also said that "radiation harassment" is rare in civilian lamps. “Harmonic current” is related to grid power supply. Long-term large-area use may reduce the grid load capacity and have little impact on consumers.

Durability test to investigate the performance of the luminaire

The reporter learned from the announcement of the Industry and Commerce Bureau that the so-called durability test of the luminaire is the periodic heating and cooling conditions in the simulation during the test. The purpose is to test whether the luminaire can become unsafe or premature during use. A damaged condition has occurred.

The main reason for the general failure is that the reliability of the installation control device in the lamp is poor, and the abnormal state protection device is lacking in the electronic ballast. Under abnormal working conditions, the function of the electronic ballast fails, which may result in the lamp not being used continuously or posing a safety hazard.

- purchase advice

Choose 3C certified products

According to the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce, unqualified products will be forcibly delisted, and consumers are advised to purchase lighting products in formal channels. When purchasing, you should carefully check whether the goods have clear and durable marks; manufacturer's name and address; product model; main technical parameters; trademark; date of manufacture and product number; implementation standard; quality inspection mark and other information is complete, and Check the power to see if the product is working properly.

Yang Zheng believes that the average consumer does not have the corresponding professional knowledge, and the index terms of these professions are rarely shown in the instruction manual. He advised consumers to choose to purchase luminaires that have mandatory certifications such as 3C. “There is certification to pass the national safety indicators and electromagnetic compatibility indicators, and there are certification bodies to check the quality.” He said that consumers can view the product's certification mark, certification code and certification symbol, and the product will also have sources. Identification and necessary warning signs.

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