Solar cell new technology conversion rate expected to increase to 85%

Nikkei News reported on the 24th that Prof. Ishihashi Akira of Hokkaido University in Japan and Others have developed a technology that can significantly increase the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells. According to reports, it is very difficult for ordinary solar cells to raise the conversion rate to more than 40%. However, Professor Shi Qiaohuang and others can convert most of the sunlight into electricity by using a variety of different types of semiconductor materials. From above, the conversion rate of solar cells can be increased to 85%. The report pointed out that Prof. Shi Qiaohuang and others have already completed the confirmation phase of the principle and plan to implement it in the early stage (mass production).

The report pointed out that the new technology developed by Prof. Shih Qiao-Hao and others mainly follows the direction of light and arranges a variety of semiconductor films in order to absorb ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light in order. According to reports, although there are currently researches on stacking quantum dots of different sizes (QuantumDot; made of compound semiconductors with a size of several nanometers) in order to increase the conversion rate, compared with quantum dots solar cells, Solar cells using new technologies developed by Prof. Ishihashi Akira and others are easier to produce.

The Nikkei Shimbun reported on April 25th, 2011 that Sharp, a solar cell faucet in Japan, and Professor Arakawa Taeki of the University of Tokyo succeeded in analyzing the photoelectric conversion rate of solar cells from the current 20% Significant increase in battery construction to more than 75%. Sharp's solar cell is designed to stack several layers of "faces" of quantum dots, to make them several μm to 10 μm thick, and to mount electrodes on both sides. By using quantum dots as the most appropriate configuration, Infrared light that cannot be captured by current general solar cells is converted into electricity, which in turn can greatly increase the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells.

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