Teguci and other tool prices will increase

Teguci and other tool prices will increase According to the concerns, China Machine Tool Net announced on Twitter today that Teguci Tool will increase its prices by 15% to 20%. The reporter learned from the China Machine Tool Tool Network that apart from Teguci, other brands of tools also have a rising trend. Among them, Walter will increase 10%, Mitsubishi's part of the tool will return to June 2012 when the order price and increase 10%, and Sumitomo part of the product will rise in 2013 New Year's Day price of 25%.

In order to verify whether the news is true, the reporter called Chen Xiaowu, the manager of Tianjin Branch of Tektronix Tianjin Hongda Jinwei Trading Co., Ltd., and Mr. Chen said that there was news that Teguzz had to raise prices, and that turning products would be the first in January. Price increases, but the headquarters did not have a clear document issued. He said that last year's Teguci price adjustment will notify the dealer one or two months in advance.

Does the collective price increase of so many tool brands mean this year's market for the tool industry has improved? Manager Chen said that he did not feel that the market is getting better. This year's auto industry and construction machinery industry are not very booming, which has a great impact on the sales of cutting tools. Although the aerospace industry enjoys a good momentum of development, there are still a few knife companies that can really enter this industry. Manager Chen said the distributors are under great pressure.

Afterwards, the reporter also called Mr. Cheng Ji of Teguci's China Marketing Department. Mr. Cheng was quite cautious when he talked about the matter, saying that Tegucico's headquarters had not issued an official price adjustment letter.

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