U.S. Develops Fluid Battery Energy Storage Technology

U.S. Develops Fluid Battery Energy Storage Technology

In order to develop more renewable energy facilities and create the potential for renewable energy to meet more power needs, Harvard engineers and scientists used a new energy storage project from the Ministry of Energy to develop a new battery storage device. . The total amount of the project is 130 million US dollars to support innovative energy projects.

Green energy storage must be feasible, and green energy storage cannot significantly increase the renewable energy power generation price.

Green energy

The economics of actual operation is a big concern. Hope that the actual cost of operation can be very low. The investigator is studying how to improve the fluid battery. This technology provides environmentally friendly, small organic batteries that can be used for grid level storage. However, they cooperated with Sustainable Innovations, a commercial electrical system developer.

If we use the intermittent means of wind turbines and photovoltaic materials to send most of our energy, then we must store large amounts of electricity. There is no low-cost way to solve the large-scale energy storage problem. Fluidic batteries may enable market applications for fixed energy storage. This will allow wind power and solar power to replace more fuel cells.

I think our approach has the advantage that other fluid batteries don't have. The more dense, more efficient, cheaper chemicals and energy storage materials are safer. The success of the project will allow wind power and intermittent renewable energy such as photovoltaic power to be transported at will, and this will allow renewable energy to meet most of the electricity demand.

Wind turbines at Greenway parking lot

One of the key features of the new technology is that it includes a large-capacity rechargeable battery. Fluid batteries are suitable for storing large amounts of electrical energy using liquid chemicals. These chemical liquids flow through the electrode conversion hardware and these liquids are stored in low-cost, high-capacity reservoirs. The designer can also independently determine the size of the electrode converter and the fossil fluid storage pool.

Aziz believes that using small organic solar cells is the key. These components are the work content of his team. The team found. You can either synthesize at the power station or use artificial synthesis, which is very low. Aziz is working with several professors and experts to develop the most needed energy storage technology.

Although there is no phase out of fuel cells, fluid battery energy storage has eliminated the energy barriers of current energy systems and markets. (Compiled by David)

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